Garibaldi Lake, British Columbia, Canada

SAS Institute,
100 SAS Campus Drive, Cary, NC                                   Email: stefanos.kechagias@sas.com

Hi there! My name is Stefanos and I am PhD Statistician working at SAS Institute. I recently took a big decision to relocate from the US where I spent the last 11 years as a Researcher, Software Developer and Analytical Consultant, back to my beloved and greatly missed home country, Greece!
The relocation is scheduled for the summer of 2021 and comes along with an exciting new role as a SAS Education and Academic Programs Manager for Southeastern Europe. In this challenging and exciting new position I have a dual task: to build a well designed and comprehensive Education ecosystem specially curated to meet the training needs of SAS customers, while I support local Universities as they unwaveringly cultivate state-of-the art higher education landscapes.

Parallel to my work, I am actively engaged in research projects on statistics and adjacent fields and occasionally teach at academic institutions. In my spare time I enjoy playing all sorts of sports (soccer, handball, water polo, table tennis, etc.), reading fantasy literature and traveling to new places. Feel free to explore my website for past or upcoming talks and for more details about my research.